Judge Dredd - Sector 190

Russian Roulette

The Kazan clones return to wreak more havoc on the city. The Judges' pursuit of these dangerous assassins leads to a dangerous encounter in space.

The Channel 9 Crime Time Special

The Judges are forced to appear on the popular vid-show, the Channel 9 Crime Time Special. The show soons degenerates into a chase across the city.

The Ultimate Crime of Tony Thermo

A raid on a shuggy hall leads to a grim discovery that spells danger for a new block!

The Sleeping Kin

The rookie Judges began their first patrol in the Big Meg and uncovered an ancient plot to overthrow the Judges!

Full Eagle Day
Can the cadets pass their final Street Assessment under the strict supervision of Judge Dredd himself? Can they survive it?

Cadets Richards, Kowalski, and Monaghan gathered together for their Street Assessment. Today was their final day as cadets regardless of the result of their final exam. The Street Assessment would end with the cadets graduating to the status of Rookie Judges or failure would result in them leaving the Justice Department altogether.

The cadets were shocked to learn that their examiner would be the legendary Judge Dredd! Dredd would oversee the three cadets as they patrolled the city. It wasn't long before the cadets were involved in their first investigation in the Big Meg. The cadets were sent to Resyk where bodies had appeared for recycling with some of their organs missing. Upon close inspection the cadets determined that the some of the bodies belonged to a gang operating out of xxx Block.

The cadets were left to their own devices by Dredd as he decided to monitor their progress remotely. The cadets investigated the block and discovered first hand Mega-City One hopspitality. The cadets were forced to deal with two juve gangs, corrupt block security staff, a very nice fatty couple (the Chonqs), and a shoot out in an amusement arcade. After chasing down several leads, it was obvious to the cadets that the block was the source of the organ harvested bodies. One of the juve gangs, in cooperation with the block security force, was murdering other citizens and delivering them to a fake medical team for organ harvesting.

The Judges spotted the fake medical team arrive at the block and pursued them across the busy megaways of Mega-City One. Monaghan leapt onto the fake ambulance and fought his way inside, unfortunately the van flipped on the road and killed everyone inside apart from Monaghan.

To be completed…

Baptism Of Fire
The cadets go on their first mission into the Cursed Earth as they undertake the dreaded Hotdog Run.

The three Judge cadets, Monaghan, Kowalski and Richards travelled into the Cursed Earth with Judge DeLillo to undergo the first of many tests before graduation – the brutal Hotdog Run! Failing this test would result in either death at the hands of the denizens of the Cursed Earth or expulsion from the Justice Department.

Judge DeLillo verbally abused the cadets and led them out of Mega-City One and into the Cursed Earth. DeLillo was attacked just outside the gates by an angry, wild mutant but Monaghan showed his marksman skills by shooting and incapactiating the mutant before he could cause any damage. DeLillo then executed the mutant before anyone could interrogate him. The mutant had seemed to recognise DeLillo…

The cadets were told by DeLillo that they were on a mission to retrieve a piece of technology from the Cursed Earth but no further information was given by the gruff Judge. Travelling through the desert, which was once home to fertile farmland and small town America, the cadets encountered a series of Helltrekkers travelling across the land in their giant, well armed and armoured vehicles. The cadets decided to conduct roadside checks on the citizens on their Helltrek. After searching several vehicles the cadets discovered that the Helltrekkers were heading toward a rendezvous point deep in the desert. The cadets also spotted several members of the Hunters Club amongst the Helltrekkers and decided to investigate the rendezvous point.

The cadets found a congregation of the Hunters Club and discovered that the club members were there to release a community of scientists (The Better Tomorrow Foundation) from cryogenic hibernation and then murder them! The scientists were frozen beneath the surface of the Cursed Earth but the Hunters Club knew that by using stolen Weather Control equipment they could fool the bunker's environmental sensors and cause the community to open and awaken its occupants.

Cadet Monaghan decided not to wait for a plan and fired upon the Hunters Club using a Hi-ex round from his Lawgiver. This caused the Hunters Club to turn on the cadets and fire upon the junior Judges. Monaghan was severely injured during the fight but eventually Kowalski and Richards overcame the Hunters Club (with minimal help from Judge DeLillo). The surviving Hunters Club members were sentenced and a H-Wagon was summoned to pick up the perps for transportation back to Mega-City One. Several bewildered scientists decided to head back to Mega-City One whilst others decided to explore the Cursed Earth as they had been in cryogenic suspension since the Atom War.

The cadets continued their journey into the Cursed Earth, encountering zombies and then a wandering Texas-City Judge Brown. Kowalski helped Judge Brown by offering his spare Lawgiver ammunition and Brown parted the cadets on happy terms.

The cadets travelled for a couple of days and eventually arrived in the small mutant settlement of Serendipity. DeLillo left his young charges to fend for themselves in the town whilst he slept in a hotel. The cadets gained favour with the citizens of Serendipity when they repelled an incursion of zombies. 

The next day DeLillo took the cadets to an alien crash site. DeLillo told the cadets that they were the worst cadets he had ever seen and was going to fail them for several (imagined) lapses of judgement during the test. As DeLillo approached the alien craft a mutant popped up out of the ground and shot DeLillo with an alien device. The device disintegrated DeLillo and the alien craft in one shot. The mutant then died of wounds that seemed to have been inflicted many days earlier.

Stunned by this sequence of events, the cadets decided to try and radio back to Mega-City One for help. Cadet Richards was able to repair one of the Lawmaster radios and boost the signal to broadcast a short message to request pick up by Justice Central.

The cadets were rescued and then interrogated by the SJS due to the suspiscious death of Judge DeLillo and the strange behaviour exhibited by him during the mission. After much shouting (and a bit of light torture) the cadets were cleared of wrong doing despite Monaghan's questionable judgement and Kowalski's consumption of a sugar based drink during the mission. 

The cadets were now free to advance to the next stage of training and soon they would face the sternest test of all – the Street Assessment


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